On The Rebound

Since my last post I’ve gone back to normal behavior, with some modifications.

Breakfast is still pretty lite

Usually a chike protein shake at home, cold brew coffee during the morning, and an apple and orange as a morning snack. That’s about 250 calories. Sometimes I’ll enjoy protein pancakes with butter from grass fed cows and maple syrup – jut not often.I found a Whole Foods a short distance from my office and usually pick up my weekly fruits to leave at my desk.

Lunch is a protein and salad

I sure hope prices continue to go down at Whole Foods / Amazon. While I pick up my weekly fruits, I sometimes will grab a salad (no dressing) and protein from the salad bar. I keep a bottle of ACV based dressing in my office refrigerator – if someone decides they want to try it, I’m open to sharing.

Dinner is a little more freestyle

This was always going to be the problem. It’s tough to eat with the family while they enjoy just about anything. What I have found that works is stocking the refrigerator with high quality meats and limiting the amount of processed foods. I keep an avocado around so I don’t eat as much cheese.

Exercise when I can

I have a workmate with a bad ankle. He has to walk to get it to loosen up. This gives me an opportunity to walk a couple of laps around the lake a day. Granted not everyone has this option, and certainly not with our beautiful Texas winter weather. But you can find opportunities to add more exercise into your routine.

So how much weight have I put back on

As of last Monday when I weighed in I am 214 lb. Not where I wanted to be but clearly not the massive weight I had a year ago. And with a cruise coming up I need to step up my regimen. I injured my shoulders and neck lifting dumb bells without warming up properly (have to remember that I’m 47). I have not added Testosterone to my plan yet. This is something that requires the agreement of my wife so I’m not pushing too hard on it (no pun intended).

I’ve noticed that I have a few new subscribers now – any questions?