HCG Diet – My Real Life Results

That’s me. It was the second week of January 2017 and our cruise ship had just docked in Mexico. And that’s my belly. Looks like I just ate from the buffet doesn’t it? You might even be thinking to yourself, “he’s big, but not that big.” Or maybe you are more critically saying, “how did you let yourself go?” Either way, I decided to do something about it and so should you. Here are pictures of me from this morning.

March 24
Side View










I’m down 31 pounds (29 on HCG) with a plan to lose another 6 – 11. I’m now through my first cycle of HCG and will go into a more “normal” diet and exercise program. I’ve been happy to fit into clothes that were hiding in the back of my closet and I’ve received a lot of notice from the rapid loss. However, my muscle tone isn’t where it needs to be.

What Is The Next Step?

I have to stay away from refined sugars and processed foods. That’s the number one goal. I’m also going to incorporate weight training into my weekly activity. Nothing too drastic but 3 times a week. By increasing muscle mass I expect to have more definition and a higher metabolism going into April.


In January I weighed in at 247 pounds. Today I weigh 216 pounds. I attribute this loss to a medically supervised, modified HCG diet. My next steps will be to include weight training and careful monitoring of my diet to ensure enough protein and fiber (and water) and limited amounts of empty carbs.

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