Aaron 247lbsHi, I’m Aaron and I am not a fitness coach or a nutritionist. I’m just a normal guy. I’m 46 years young and I work in the marketing department of a tech company. You can find my professional background on LinkedIn.

Over the years I’ve let myself go a little. Who doesn’t? Life is very fast paced these days. But I noticed the pounds kept rolling on, little by little. And I didn’t feel too good. Not exactly bad, but I didn’t have the  energy to get off the couch after a day at work. So this past December I decided to do something about it, but first I went to the doctor.

In January 2017 I weighed in at 245 pounds (a BMI of 30.6) and my blood work showed both high cholesterol and glucose of 101 H – pre-diabetes. I was horrified because even though I could see the weight, I didn’t think I was actually obese enough to have this discussion. Even on a  6’3″ frame I knew my weight was out of control. Even crazier, I was stunned to learn how many close friends were already on medication for weight induced ailments. Yet just a few weeks later, I was almost 250!

I think everyone has a number in their head of what is too much. As a guy, I simply tried to avoid the scale. But now, I couldn’t. I had to face facts that as I approach 50, there is a good chance that I will be on medications too. So I became determined to learn all I could to try and turn this around. I’ve had some success; by March I had lost over 7.5% of my weight and now tip the scales at 223 pounds. I encourage everyone to check their BMI now, too.

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I launched blackalive the same month – March, 2017. You are likely wondering, why did I chose THAT name? Well, it might surprise you to learn that there are not a lot of domain names available; AaronSmith.com was taken long ago – and whomever owns it wants a lot of money to release it. It also might  surprise you to know that both the 4th and the 6th leading causes of death for Black men in America are attributable to diabetes. The number 1, heart disease, is linked to cholesterol. I wanted a name that addresses the situation from the perspective of hope. It’s not a political statement nor is it exclusionary. But it is targeted.

blackalive is dedicated to encouraging men and women of color, particularly those over the age of 40, to take steps towards becoming more fit. You will not see images of abs of steel or typical rah-rah exercise programs. The focus of this site is on encouraging people with information and examples, featuring images that look like you and me with content that openly discuss the challenges to our diet and exercise and the impacts it has on our relationships with our spouse, children and everyone around us. It uses a mix of humor, straight talk facts, and love because we are all going through life’s challenges.

If you are interested in contributing articles, success stories and other content, please contact me using the form below. Your stories will encourage me. Designers interested in providing logo and branding submissions for this site are encouraged to do so using the contact form. Provide your fiverr profile if available.