Off of HCG – Now what?

A few people assumed that as soon as my diet was over, the weight would rebound back. I’ve now been off of HCG for a couple of weeks and my weight has been interesting. But did it come back, and if it did, how much?


This was a dilemma. After weeks of eating primarily lean meats, protein shakes, and leafy green vegetables, what would my diet consist of at 1,000 calories? What about 1,500?

Honestly I could not decide what to do. I knew that I wanted to incorporate some weight lifting into my regiment. The advice they gave me was to stick pretty close to the types of foods I had been eating, but just more of it. They also decided to keep me on phentermine and weekly B12 injections. So here’s my typical daily meal:


Breakfast is still two egg whites cooked in MCT and a cup of cold brew coffee that I started brewing the night before. I usually don’t have time in the morning for much more than this. On my commute or as soon as I reach the office I’ll have a few strawberries or a small apple. I love honey crisp apples but they are usually too large for me to eat at once. Whole Foods has a smaller variety and I usually keep a bag full at my desk.

Sometimes, though, I decide to have a Chike Mocha Iced Coffee Protein Shake. Oh man these things are really good. I have to protect my stash from my teenagers. Seriously good stuff. I’ll add a small amount of MCT for additional energy rush.


Snack (when I remember) is usually another cup of coffee and maybe another fruit. Whatever is handy. Lunchtime is where I might add my calories – either a salad with a chicken breast or something adventerous from the Whole Foods paleo safe prepared food bar. I don’t overdo it but I usually eat more than I have for the past weeks.


This is probably my most difficult meal to plan for. At this point I’ve usually had about 800 calories and what I eat is dependent on how I feel about doing exercises that evening. I usually have a protein shake after lifting so I want to accommodate this into whatever my plan is. One luxury is a grass fed prime ribeye steak and a baked sweet potato with grass fed cow butter. When I eat red meat of dairy, I’m looking for  grass-fed which has omega 3 acids.

Weight Training

I’m working out in my home gym with dumb bells. I’m doing this about twice a week, sometimes three times. I start with 5 minutes of jumping jacks and walking in place. I do one rep of warm up exercises At a lighter weight. During my workouts I try to use the heaviest weight that I can manage. If I feel discomfort in my joints, I will lessen the weight. I’m not concerned about doing 10-15 reps. If I can perform 6-8 reps before feeling my muscle exhaustion, that is fine.


My HCG diet ended at 216 pounds. That was one pound away from my stated goal, and according to my BMI I’m still in the pre-obese stage. Everyone around me thinks I’m skinny now, but I know different. As of this morning, my weight is 212.6 and BMI is about 26. I still have further to go to get my weight to somewhere between 205-210. In the next month I’ll decide if hormone therapy is right for me and my wife. Some things are already returning to normal. For now, I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

2 thoughts on “Off of HCG – Now what?

  • April 25, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Ok. I agreed with your conclusion.. I am 96kgs and i want to lose 30 kgs before my wedding. Help me out!! Still i have 15 months time.

    Already i tested Atkins diet and HCG diet. None worked for me.. Ok hcg drops worked to some extent. But, not to my expectations. I bought HCG drops from here: I really dont understand how their customers are losing 40 pounds in 2 months.. I lost only 5 pounds 🙁

    Do you have any mind blowing ideas to lose quick weight?

    • April 25, 2017 at 4:01 pm

      Hi Anamika,
      First, congratulations on the engagement. I’ll bet the person you will wed isn’t the least concerned about your weight. Isn’t it funny though how self-conscious we can become for these events? Well not that funny so let’s get to the heart of things.
      1. I didn’t use the HCG drops and from what I see, they have mixed results. My doctor put me on a cocktail of phentermine and HCG injections. You can read about how it works here. My goals were really around reducing my sugar (getting out of pre-diabetic stage) and my bad cholesterol as well as visceral fat so to stay off medications. I was 111.13kgs and am now 95kgs. Are you down for that?
      2. While Atkins didn’t work for you, I’m a believer in high protein and high fiber diets. Notice that I didn’t say low carb but it is implied. I think the only way to not feel hungry is to increase the proteins (whether lean meats or other plant based sources). Like I say on the home page, I’m a professional just not in diet and fitness.
      3. You probably need to start lifting weight. Muscles burn calories even after the exercise.
      In summary, reduce your calories (count them – you’ll be surprised) and focus your intake on high quality calories. See if you can get a prescription for appetite suppressants. Start lifting weights.

      Thanks for stopping by and be sure to send me a link to the wedding pictures!

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