Should You Juice Cleanse?

Should You Juice Cleanse?

Before deciding if you SHOULD juice cleanse, your first question might be, “what IS a juice cleanse?”

A juice cleanse, sometimes referred to as a juice fast, is a period ranging from a day to a week or longer when food, fruits and vegetables, is not something that you eat, rather it is something that you drink. While you might be thinking it is impossible, I know a surprising number of people who have done this for a long period of time. Should you consider it, too?

I’ve used it to kick off diets, including the one I’m on now. I did a cleanse to prepare myself with enough plant based nutrients to deal with the very low calorie diet (VLCD) I would embark. The problem comes when there is an expectation the juice cleanse will be the primary weight loss activity. I think this comes from the number of people who have watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on YouTube or Netflix.

If you haven’t seen the movie, below is the trailer. Take a few minutes to watch and we’ll pick up below.

Why wouldn’t you use a juice cleanse to lose weight? For me it is extremely hard to do. In my opinion, protein is needed to lose weight (though not necessarily animal protein). Protein and fiber together will help you to feel “full”. Most juices people drink today have zero protein and very little fiber. Which brings us back to my featured image of JuiceLand.

JuiceLand prepares multiple varieties of high quality juices and milks with a menu for what you need. Acknowledging that some people will want fiber and protein, they make those recommendations on their website. I’ve used this alternative package and honestly, I made it through a couple of days without feeling a bit hungry. I did have to end my fast a bit early due to a pretty nasty cold I caught and I just needed food to take with my meds.

Conclusion: Yes, you should add high quality, cold-pressed juices into your diet to supplement the amount of vegetables you probably are not getting every day. But choosing a cleanse is really optional and you shouldn’t allow anyone to talk you into an extended test of your endurance. Your goal is weight loss through calorie reduction. To do that without feeling hungry you will need protein and fiber.