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If you are here it means that you have either visited Total Mens, are considering Total Mens, or have already begun treatment for your weight loss. If you are in the first two categories you might want to visit my home page to get a sense of why I went to Total Mens and what the team at Cedar Park did for me. If you have already signed up for medical weight loss, specifically the HCG plan, this page can help you get through your first 30 days.

Who Am I?

I’m just a regular guy. I’m tall, I work at a desk job for a living, and I’m just a little more handsome than you (because I just lost 30 pounds). But what you really want to know is that I am not a paid endorsement. My only purpose here is to get you through your first month. Because your success will motivate me to continue to do this. Got it?

Let’s go.

Day 0

This is, in my opinion, the hardest part of the journey. It’s when you come to the realization that the weight just will not go away on its own. That no matter what diet you have tried, it’s not coming off. And if you were like me, you just got your lab results showing that your blood sugar reading is high so you might be pre-diabetic. Your cholesterol is also not where it should be. And the older you get, the longer you stay sedentary, the more likely you will be on meds. Things are not looking good, but cheer up, they CAN get better. Seriously, I speak from experience.

Once you agree to a weight loss program and confirm that it will indeed be the HCG plan, you’ll want to do some research, at least I did. You might even start to wonder if this is the right choice for you. I can’t answer that. What struck me was the price tag. To me it seemed like a lot. But then I reasoned on it. Putting up that kind of money required a commitment to myself, maybe a dedication that I’ve never had to make before. I could actually hear my Mom in my head saying “you can’t put a price tag on health.” Well, Mom, yes I can!

SIDEBAR: How to pay for medical weight loss

I’m going to tell you now that this doesn’t work for everyone but it did for me. Let’s face it, insurance isn’t going to cover this. There are a lot of reasons why they won’t and I’m not going to get into now. I’ll save it for a blog post that you really should follow. My employer offers a high deductible insurance plan that I’m on. With it comes a health savings account (HSA). Most guys never go to the doctor anyway so the money in the HSA just sits there unless its an emergency. Guess what? Canary in the coal mine – this IS an emergency! You can use the HSA for this medical expense and while not covered by the insurance policy, you might be able to get 0% financing from TotalMens (ask them). Now you just pay your monthly bill from your HSA (or out of pocket if you don’t have a HSA) and never miss it! Just pay more than the monthly minimum. OR you can use some of that bonus check to pay it off!

On your way home you are going to want to pick up a needle collection can. It looks something like this one you can order from Amazon.
While you’re at it, pick up a food scale too. Because you are going to use it a lot.

You will also want to read the menu that you received carefully. There is a lot of variety of food but remember, your portions will be controlled so a little goes a longer way. If you are like me, you will want to minimize your cooking and prep time by making a few days worth of meals in advance. Here is what my menu plan looked like and then I’ll tell you what I actually ate.

Sample menu

Your menu may differ from mine so be sure to read it carefully. I even took a photo of mine to have with me for impromptu stops at the store.

Okay now with all of your wholesome, lean and organic foods at home, it’s time to make a few meals for yourself. The next week is going to alter your lifestyle so make it easier on yourself to stick to the plan!

Grilled Shrimp in mixed greens salad
One of my first meals – grilled shrimp and mixed greens salad.

For me, the first few days consisted of a lot of chicken breast, shrimp and lean, grass-fed beef. H-E-B will be your friend for a lot of things, other items are better found at Sprouts! or Whole Foods. You are going to want to weigh everything and measure everything. Get into the habit now. Purchase an extra set of measuring spoons so you always have clean set when you need it.

Now with dinner prepped and lunch for the next day planned. Eat and get some sleep. The excitement is ahead of you.

Day 1 – 5

Morning time already. Go to the bathroom, strip, use the toilet and weigh in. Get into the habit now. This is likely the lowest weight of your day so you want to consistently weigh in at the same time in the same way. Now, get ready to take your meds. That little needle can’t hurt you. You’re a grown man! If you start to need insulin shots it’s going to be far worse than this little period of time.

Remember the HCG and Phentermine need to be in your system for 30 minutes prior to eating. Make it your habit to take them together then do your other activities before breakfast.

One more thing. You don’t want to use much oil, especially in the early days. I found those pans with the copper surface inside helped to use minimal oil – especially for all the egg whites I had to eat. It looks something like this, but I know I saw them in HEB aisles “As Seen on TV”. Here is an example of one.

You probably noticed that all the images are linked to Amazon. You obviously don’t have to buy these items. I’m just showing you what I used, providing you an idea of the cost. I mean, you will need a scale and a needle container, but how you get them are your business.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, bring your food to work. I would buy some oranges and apples and leave them at work. Just a weeks worth. Do not allow co workers to know what you are up to. Not yet. Just keep to yourself and eat healthier. You’ll notice the biggest weight loss occurs in the first weeks!

What you should expect:

  • The combination of HCG and Phentermine will curb your appetite.
  • The Phentermine will make your mouth dry – drink a lot of water
  • Communicate with your team at Total Mens. Heck – leave me a comment below and I’ll respond.
  • By day 2 or 3 the weight will seem to falling off quickly
  • You will urinate – a lot.
  • You might not poop much. Be sure to drink your coffee and Smooth Move Tea. Things will come out alright
  • You might feel a little light headed when you get up suddenly. Let your team know this.
  • If they didn’t tell you to do so, download the Lose It free app to your phone and track everything you eat.

This week will be the biggest adjustment. It may or may not be physically hard, but you are going to feel the withdrawal of sugar from your daily life. I recommend that you read what you can and learn what you can about what got you to this place in your life.

Days 6 – 10

You should be getting into a rhythm now. While you are sticking to the plan, your body will begin to let you know what is working and what isn’t. For me, I noticed a lot of flatulence. Not terribly smelly but loud. I think it was the MCT oil. If you are using an oil, you should be primarily using MCT and occasionally coconut oil. If you don’t know the difference from MCT and coconut oil, read my blog.

Days 10 – 20

The weight loss is in full swing and by now, people notice. No time to let up! But you might start to look for alternatives to your menu. Sometimes a protein shake that is low in sugar and high in protein can take the edge off. Try Premier Protein shakes that are stocked in Total Mens lobby first. Remember to log everything in your Lose It app. Why? Well in addition to tracking calories, it forces you to read the food labels. So if you can’t find Premier Protein, find something that is low in sugar and high (30 grams or more) in protein.

What I found during this stage:

  • Constipation (are you still drinking your coffee and tea?)
  • Not hungry most of the time
  • People starting to notice weight loss
  • I’m starting to notice the weight loss is less linear and more lumpy. Some days wouldn’t seem to lose any weight then on third day, lost 1.5-2 pounds.

Days 21 – 30

By now you are seeing your work pay off. You might even get a little pre-occupied that the last few pounds aren’t coming off. You might even take a cheat day (or two). Use them! It is counter-intuitive to think a cheat day will actually help you lose more weight but trust me, it does. I went with my boys to Red Lobster for crab legs and butter. Man oh man. But the next day I went right back to my diet. No problem.

Things to expect:

  • You can visibly see the changes in your face, neck, and stomach areas.
  • The diet is not nearly as challenging as the first weeks. Sometimes I was not hungry all day.
  • If you sore, you might notice that it is not as severe as it has been.
  • You need new clothes!

That’s really it. Along the way you will learn some things and look for motivation. Find your inspiration. Here is one of my favorites. Hint – be sure to find Annette’s husband. That’s my motivation.