HCG Starter Kit

Over the last couple of days I’ve received quite a few questions about my diet and what it entails. The goal of this site continues to be lose weight, gain fitness and live happy. I’m not advocating any particular diet, I’m sharing what has worked for me and I welcome any of you who want to share your success stories. Okay, we’re on the same page now?

I want to make it easier for those who would like to follow my example. Not everyone has the time (or even the support system) to know what is needed to start off on the right foot. This page is my “starter kit” and full disclosure here: the items listed for sale can be found at any local store. My purpose for listing here is to give a one stop shopping experience with items that I found useful. Each image is clickable if you want to have it delivered from Amazon.com

The Basics

Needle disposal canister

Scale for properly measuring portions

Measuring spoons – get two so that you are never out. My reason for recommending this set is that the sizes are engraved into the metal. I hate trying to figure out which spoon is ¼ teaspoon vs ½ teaspoon when you have separated the spoons and the ink has washed off.

MCT Oil – Honestly, stop by Whole Foods and grab a bottle. You can find it online but I’ve only used one bottle (you see it in my blog images of the shrimp and salad bowl). In a pinch, use coconut oil. Do not use olive oil.

HCG cook book – Tricked ya! Here’s the deal, you should follow the meals provided to you by your team. I found it was pretty easy to make a single meal in a few minutes using just the spices. I did find a few recipes and I’m considering launching a separate website with recipes for each diet type. That said, I can’t recommend any of the cookbooks out today because quite simply, I don’t know what they editorialize. The author may make suggestions and statements that are contrary to what our modern plan recommends. So at this point I recommend working with your team to decide recipes that work. Experiment a little within the boundaries of the meal plan. I’ve learned to make a pretty tasty beef and broccoli that my kids like, by only using a few spices.

Truvia – sugar substitute

Smooth Move Tea. You will know when you need it. Yes, it works.

Seasonings with no sugar, MSG, or HFCS. I’m finding the Simple Girl line is the easiest when it comes to finding seasonings that don’t have anything not on the diet. You can always use your own, just be sure no sugar (I was surprised how many do have it) and no carbs or other bad stuff. Of course I chuckle to see the steak seasoning is vegan. Yes, I know you can use steak seasoning on tofu, but tofu isn’t on the diet. Salad is, bringing me to another point. You can, and should, use natural herbs where possible.

I’m going to say this one again, spices can get you into trouble and stall weight loss. Make sure you know what you are using. When in doubt, toss it out.


Items listed here are not required but I think they are items to keep around. Let me tell you why. One of my “safe” places to eat is Salata. One day I had a business lunch with my boss who is also dieting on his own. I’m walking through the line, keeping a mental note of the calories of each item. Then I get to the salad dressing. Whoa, Nelly! 300 calories of dressing on my salad that only had 230 with meat protein? Come again? Remember our goal is calorie reduction!

Non-teflon coated non-stick pan for cooking with minimal fats and oils. It’s hard to enjoy the egg whites stuck to the pan.

French press pot – coffee is an important part of the diet. The press pot makes the best tasting coffee and can be used to make stronger, cold brew coffee as well. I’m in favor of simple design (for easier cleaning) and flat surfaces. Oh yeah, you want to make cold brew coffee. Coming from California I’m a bit of a coffee snob (at least here in Texas). If you want to really get into coffee, send me a note.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is something just to keep around the house. Honestly, you could make your own. But remember, this list is just a cheat. Anyway, my wife adds a couple of tablespoons to her water everyday and lost a few pounds that way. Add this to your salad with some MCT and you have a dressing to melt the pounds.

Bragg Amino Acid. Skip the soy sauce and use this when making a quick Beef and Broccoli (along with garlic, ginger, and grass fed sirloin tenderized the old-fashioned way.

Salad Dressing Containers. You need to plan for any eventuality. Having your own dressing in these containers can help you at lunch at work or on those days where the team is going to a restaurant and you must go.

Braggs Organic Vinaigrette. To fill up the containers listed above. Based on the ACV, it is low in calories, high in flavor, and a habit you can keep. They also have a pomegranate flavor that is pretty good as well. Be warned, it seems the Amazon delivered version is under pressure and explodes on some according to the product reviews. I’m posting it mostly for the picture so that you don’t mess around and buy the one with added olive oil.

That’s all I can think of for now. Word of wisdom, make sure your office is also stocked with items you need for the week.